Updates…updates…updates…We’ve Been Busy

ToolZ! Coming We’ve been working on updates to all of our apps.  Currently in the works are all Flash Cards apps, BurpZ!, PasswordZ! and new to the lineup is ToolZ!  

Looks for Flash CardZ! MATH soon.

Help us help you, if you would like to see a flash card app tell us, we’re up for anything!

Flash CardZ! Alphabet now on Windows Phone 7

We have officially launched Flash CardZ! Alphabet and Flash CardZ! Alfabeto Windows Phone 7.

If you don’t have a Windows Phone 7, you can browse our Apps using Bing’s Visual Search. Just enter the App Name in the Search and you can view screenshots.

Visual Search – Flash CardZ! Alphabet

Visual Search – Flash CardZ! Alfabeto

WP7 OS enhancements I would like to see in the next version

As a Windows Phone 7 User and Developer, I really do like the new  WP7 OS.  It still have some catching up to do. The Apps will come, but I’ve listed a few things I’d like to see in the next OS update. 

  1. Ability to sync and overlay shared Calendars. As of now, I don’t believe this is possible. At least I haven’t seen a way of setting this up on the Phone. If anyone has any tricks, please reply to this post.
  2. Custom Ring Tones.  I personally like to pick actual songs as my ring tones. Having the ability to pick songs /sounds files that are in my Music Hub would ne nice. pet
  3. Another feature missing is the ability to download Podcasts/Videos from Web Sites directly into the Music & Video Hub, so I can play them later when I’m not on WiFi.
  4. Mobile WiFi Hotspot and/or Tethering. This is a must for me.

-Devaron Ruggiero – BustedAppZ! Developer

Windows Phone 7 – Big Buttons!

3 Screen ShotsMicrosoft calls them tiles I call them big buttons. 

So far we really like the new phone OS by Microsoft.  The long-awaited replacement to Windows Mobile, a virtual Zombie in the mobile phone market.  As an owner of many Windows Phone devices including the Motorola Q, I faced a lot of disappointment in the pace that Microsoft was moving to this new OS.  The development team at Microsoft is essentially “FRESH”, they simply replaced many of the old Windows Mobile team members with people who had a clue. 

Now as a developer I couldn’t be happier.  Microsoft (I almost said Apple) is providing an amazing set of tools for mobile app development using the same languages that most MS developers already know.  Silverlight seems to be one of the most popular since it will run across multiple platforms including PC and XBox.  I can tell you that MS has had excellent turn around on app approval, we have waited weeks with Apple in the past and so far MS has taken care of our reviews in under 48 hours.  We all know MS isn’t always thinking of us, the small developers and maybe niche user but I think things may be changing for them.  

Honestly, I’m still an Android user on a day-to-day basis mostly because I want better hardware and more storage.  I don’t want to get stuck with an 8gb phone or SD card issues (go Google that).  I found a really great video on YouTube with a full description of the OS, answers to some development questions and of course a run through of a bulk of the new OS.     Please thank @chrispirillo on Twitter, make sure to follow both of us!

iCamera By Apple With Built In Phone!

Apples latest product release has been all over the news, for a good reason, it’s AWESOME!

This amazing new camera has features that no other digital camera on the market today can compete with.  Complete with Wi-Fi, 3G, spell check, and over 200,000 apps the new iCamera is a device from the future.  No kidding, with our DSLR just sitting here on my desk, staring at me, wondering when, when will it get used again.  The answer is I’m not sure.  It’s not just the camera in this device that looks so good, it’s all the control you get along with it, it’s the screen that let’s you view the photos (and video), it’s the amazing battery life.

I think once again Apple has out done itself with this device.  I’m no Apple fan-boy either, in fact I still use a Nexus One as my main camera (and phone).  A lot of people have posted photos taken with an iCamera (or as you may know it iPhone 4) and posted them on Flickr, check them out and remember this, the best camera on the market today is the one you have with you!

iPhone 4 Looks Like First Generation iPod

2010 - The "New" iPhone4
2001 - First Generation iPod

As some of you may know I have owned all 3 previous versions of the iPhone along with half a dozen iPods.  Let it be known that I love Apple products, in fact I use them every day but not everyone is honest can love something and have an honest opinion about it.  Side by side with my HTC Nexus One I can tell you it’s a good fight.  In many ways HTC & Android have worked hard to catch up to the iPhone but it seems that up until last week Apple had some catching up to do.  The new iPhone 4 with iOS is super fast, takes fantastic photos and multi-tasking seems to work OK.  If AT&T and Apple could figure out their coverage issue and get a fair price plan in place for tethering I would make the switch.

Apple finally released a kick ass new phone, too bad it looks 10 years old!  There is no way I’m the only person out there who thinks this.  It just goes to show you, you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Honestly it’s what’s under the hood that counts.

This Is What The iPhone4 Should Look Like

So it’s faster, has a ton of RAM, takes great photos, has 2 cameras, and only drops calls if you hold it with your left hand.  My real issue is it just looks old and clunky.  Check out the photos for yourself.

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