Greg Packer Still Toughing It Out

5th Ave. NYC StoreIt’s getting pretty cold here in New York, it’s after 10pm just 11 hours until the Apple store will re-open and be selling iPads.  I hate to keep talking about the iPad but I have to admit that the energy around here is incredible!

I spoke to Greg Packer, officially the first person in line for the iPad (in the US I believe) for the third time today.  Every time I see him he’s being interviewed by someone in the press.  It’s pretty fun being a part of all the hoopla going on here at Apple’s flagship store.  (I just looked up and he’s out of line wondering around the store, what are the rules for this?)  Spirits are high and the buzz is insane, personally getting the actual iPad isn’t as exciting to me as all the stuff leading up to it.  Gizmodo is due to arrive tomorrow morning with goodie bags for the first 50 people I hope to be one of them.

Hopefully we’ll have some time to load up a bunch of apps, videos and really check out the iPad.  Look for a quick review tomorrow night!


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