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Updates…updates…updates…We’ve Been Busy

ToolZ! Coming We’ve been working on updates to all of our apps.  Currently in the works are all Flash Cards apps, BurpZ!, PasswordZ! and new to the lineup is ToolZ!  

Looks for Flash CardZ! MATH soon.

Help us help you, if you would like to see a flash card app tell us, we’re up for anything!


iPhone 4 Looks Like First Generation iPod

2010 - The "New" iPhone4
2001 - First Generation iPod

As some of you may know I have owned all 3 previous versions of the iPhone along with half a dozen iPods.  Let it be known that I love Apple products, in fact I use them every day but not everyone is honest can love something and have an honest opinion about it.  Side by side with my HTC Nexus One I can tell you it’s a good fight.  In many ways HTC & Android have worked hard to catch up to the iPhone but it seems that up until last week Apple had some catching up to do.  The new iPhone 4 with iOS is super fast, takes fantastic photos and multi-tasking seems to work OK.  If AT&T and Apple could figure out their coverage issue and get a fair price plan in place for tethering I would make the switch.

Apple finally released a kick ass new phone, too bad it looks 10 years old!  There is no way I’m the only person out there who thinks this.  It just goes to show you, you can’t judge a book by its cover.  Honestly it’s what’s under the hood that counts.

This Is What The iPhone4 Should Look Like

So it’s faster, has a ton of RAM, takes great photos, has 2 cameras, and only drops calls if you hold it with your left hand.  My real issue is it just looks old and clunky.  Check out the photos for yourself.

Very Cool Multi-Player, Mulit-Platform Game

We stumbled upon this great game for Android and iPhone.  Bet thing about it, you can play multi-player against friends on both Android phones and iPhones!

There’s a free version (Homerun Battle 3D Free), a paid version Homerun Battle 3D and now a second free version named Homerun Battle 3D Free +100GB.  I’ve played 2 ou of three of them and both great.  Not only are they cross platform but you can play free against paid and so on.

Download it on iTunes here.

or Go to Android Marketplace on your device and search Homerun Battle!

Building You A Secure App

We are currently working on a couple of new apps that require us to secure them.  At first thought it didn’t seem like much of a concern because it would be password protected but we really want the user to be reassured.  Keeping secure information in your mobile device is inevitable but is it really secure?

Just like any security if someone wants it bad enough odds are there’s a way to get it whether it is a car stereo or your personal information.  At BustedAppZ! we are committed to fun, simple and safe mobile applications.  Our programmers are highly skilled and our management team is thorough.  You can bet that any app from us can be trusted.  Unlike many other applications that collect your personal information our apps don’t, we earn our money from the sale of advertising or the app itself.

We hope you continue to enjoy our products whether educational, entertaining or a utility!

Cyrket Helps You Find The App You Want

Are you looking for an Android app?  Maybe you want to see what’s available for your Windows Mobile phone? Got a Palm Pre? Want to know if  “there’s an app for that”?  Look no further Cyrket is here to help.

Cyrket is another project by Saurik (follow him on Twitter) and it’s pretty slick.  At BustedAppZ! we like simple and it doesn’t get much more simple than this.  Go to the page and at the top there’s a search window, start typing and see what you get.  Our apps auto-filled within 24 hours of being available for download.

We have tested access to this site using an iPhone and a Nexus One Android device and both worked well.  Fast page loading, few graphics, really it only has what you need.

Here is a link to all our apps available for Android, via Cyrket.

We Did It! Apps Available On iTunes Store

Apps by BustedAppZ!It’s been a long couple of weeks but it has finally paid off.  We are proud to announce our first iTunes app!  Flash CardZ!  The irony is that we have an update for it already, that will get submitted to Apple shortly.

BustedAppZ! now has half a dozen applications available on iTunes, the Android Market, Cydia and direct download here at BustedAppZ.com.  Current applications include BurpZ!, Flash CardZ! Alphabet, Flash CardZ! Numbers, Flash CardZ! with SOUND, and you will see BikiniZ! and LightZ! on Android soon!

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy our apps!

Flash CardZ! Alphabet with Sound!

With Audio
Flash CardZ! Alphabet now with AUDIO!

We are working on an entire line of Flash CardZ! educational applications for your mobile device.  Coming soon to both iPhone and Android are Flash CardZ! Alphabet, Numbers and Math.  All 3 of these apps are for the little ones, simple and clean we hope they enjoy them.

Flash CardZ! Alphabet has even been updated to include audio, due to many requests.  Make sure you check back soon for links to all these exciting apps!