iCamera By Apple With Built In Phone!

Apples latest product release has been all over the news, for a good reason, it’s AWESOME!

This amazing new camera has features that no other digital camera on the market today can compete with.  Complete with Wi-Fi, 3G, spell check, and over 200,000 apps the new iCamera is a device from the future.  No kidding, with our DSLR just sitting here on my desk, staring at me, wondering when, when will it get used again.  The answer is I’m not sure.  It’s not just the camera in this device that looks so good, it’s all the control you get along with it, it’s the screen that let’s you view the photos (and video), it’s the amazing battery life.

I think once again Apple has out done itself with this device.  I’m no Apple fan-boy either, in fact I still use a Nexus One as my main camera (and phone).  A lot of people have posted photos taken with an iCamera (or as you may know it iPhone 4) and posted them on Flickr, check them out and remember this, the best camera on the market today is the one you have with you!


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