Well this week we are proud to introduce our most secure app, PasswordZ!  Available in 2 flavors.  There is a $.99 Full version with no ads and a Lite version that is ad-supported.  So what’s the difference?

The Full version office a fully secure “Account Information” storage system.  In this version you are able to add as many accounts as you want!  Each “Account” allows you to store the following information:

Account Name : Login Name : Login Password : LINK TO SITE LOGIN PAGE

Here’s the scoop on the Lite version, it is built on the same secure structure.  This version is ad-supported so you can expect to see a banner at the top.  Don’t worry no information is being compromised.  You will be limited to 5 accounts in this version.  It should be enough for most people.

Account Name : Login Name : Login Password : NO LINK TO SITE LOGIN PAGE

Available for Android and iPhone!

Download PasswordZ! for Android Here

Download PasswordZ! for iPhone Here

**All information is stored locally, BustedAppZ! does not backup or have access to any of your account information.  If you lose/forget your username or password for the initial login you must remvoe the app and start from scratch, you CANNOT RETREIVE LOST INFORMATION (in Version 1.0 Full/Lite).


5 thoughts on “PasswordZ!”

    1. Peter,   The app itself has no encryption.  With the new iOS 4 all software is encrypted though.  Our goal was a simple, cheap (free) app that people could easily use.  All data is stored in the app on your device and is not stored on servers or shared anywhere else. Thanks, Patrick*********************Patrick CalderonePresident/Chief  *********************      

      ——– Original Message ——–Subject: [] Comment: “PasswordZ!”From: “” <>

    2. Peter,

      The app is not encrypted, only password protected. We rely on the iOS device to be locked and for PasswordZ! to have a login password. We’re updating everything now, I’ll look into encryption.

      Regards, Patrick

  1. Patrick, you tate with the new iOS 4 all software is is encrypted. IOS is the same as Settings: > General: > About: > Version ?

    As in Version 4.1 (8B117) and therefore above iOS 4 ?

    Would all data in PassWordZ therefore be encrypted ? How safe is it?

    Mike O

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