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Updates…updates…updates…We’ve Been Busy

ToolZ! Coming We’ve been working on updates to all of our apps.  Currently in the works are all Flash Cards apps, BurpZ!, PasswordZ! and new to the lineup is ToolZ!  

Looks for Flash CardZ! MATH soon.

Help us help you, if you would like to see a flash card app tell us, we’re up for anything!


This Is Only A Test (post from iPad)

So I’m going to give this a shot, no guarantee how it turns out. I’ll keep it short since I’m still getting iced to the keyboard. Included in this post is a few screen shots of the iPad.

First you’ll notice 2 of them are game, not BustedAppZ but a lot of fun. My son and I had multi-player action going on our flight home from New York last night. These 2 games allow you to connect and compete, no wires attached!

Next you’ll see a shot of my desktop. I really wanted to show the icon layout and also a cool background. Thanks to many free desktop image apps (a lot of them are free), the one I installed is called “Backgrounds HD” and it has some great images.

Shortly I’ll be posting a full review but damn you Steve Jobs, you did it again! (note to reader, I’m honestly no Apple fan boy)

–this was written using the WordPress iPad app

We Did It! Apps Available On iTunes Store

Apps by BustedAppZ!It’s been a long couple of weeks but it has finally paid off.  We are proud to announce our first iTunes app!  Flash CardZ!  The irony is that we have an update for it already, that will get submitted to Apple shortly.

BustedAppZ! now has half a dozen applications available on iTunes, the Android Market, Cydia and direct download here at  Current applications include BurpZ!, Flash CardZ! Alphabet, Flash CardZ! Numbers, Flash CardZ! with SOUND, and you will see BikiniZ! and LightZ! on Android soon!

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy our apps!

Flash CardZ! Alphabet with Sound!

With Audio
Flash CardZ! Alphabet now with AUDIO!

We are working on an entire line of Flash CardZ! educational applications for your mobile device.  Coming soon to both iPhone and Android are Flash CardZ! Alphabet, Numbers and Math.  All 3 of these apps are for the little ones, simple and clean we hope they enjoy them.

Flash CardZ! Alphabet has even been updated to include audio, due to many requests.  Make sure you check back soon for links to all these exciting apps!


We are proud to announce that another one of our apps is available as of today in 2 different places!  We worked hard (you’ll hear it in the burps) on this one, BurpZ! is a burp sound app that is honestly pretty sick.  The good news is that we are in the business of building apps for both Android and the iPhone, there’s just no reason to only do one.

FYI- BurpZ! for your iPhone and iPod touch will be available as soon as Apple wants it to be, it’s in their hands now 🙂

Many of us at the office have iPhones but since my Nexus One has arrived I’m in love with it.  Anyway we hope you enjoy the app as much as we do, even my friends were testing it during the Super Bowl this weekend. 

You tell us, do you want another FART application?  Download the current version of BurpZ! for your Google/Android Phone here.  Enjoy and Happy Burping…..

Flash CardZ! For Android Is Released

It’s official, Flash CardZ! is available for download for your Android Device.  We have been working hard to get these applicaitons done.  We hope you and your kids enjoy this one.  Oh, and it’s 100% FREE

“Fun and Educational app for your Android phone. Flash CardZ! is a learning tool for young children. They will learn their A, B, C’s the fun way! Parents, you can teach your children in a convenient way, simply install this application and hand it over to your little ones. Enjoy this free app & keep checking in for new ones.”

Or you can download it directly to your Android Device/Phone here!