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Windows Phone 7 – Big Buttons!

3 Screen ShotsMicrosoft calls them tiles I call them big buttons. 

So far we really like the new phone OS by Microsoft.  The long-awaited replacement to Windows Mobile, a virtual Zombie in the mobile phone market.  As an owner of many Windows Phone devices including the Motorola Q, I faced a lot of disappointment in the pace that Microsoft was moving to this new OS.  The development team at Microsoft is essentially “FRESH”, they simply replaced many of the old Windows Mobile team members with people who had a clue. 

Now as a developer I couldn’t be happier.  Microsoft (I almost said Apple) is providing an amazing set of tools for mobile app development using the same languages that most MS developers already know.  Silverlight seems to be one of the most popular since it will run across multiple platforms including PC and XBox.  I can tell you that MS has had excellent turn around on app approval, we have waited weeks with Apple in the past and so far MS has taken care of our reviews in under 48 hours.  We all know MS isn’t always thinking of us, the small developers and maybe niche user but I think things may be changing for them.  

Honestly, I’m still an Android user on a day-to-day basis mostly because I want better hardware and more storage.  I don’t want to get stuck with an 8gb phone or SD card issues (go Google that).  I found a really great video on YouTube with a full description of the OS, answers to some development questions and of course a run through of a bulk of the new OS.     Please thank @chrispirillo on Twitter, make sure to follow both of us!