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Windows Phone 7 – Big Buttons!

3 Screen ShotsMicrosoft calls them tiles I call them big buttons. 

So far we really like the new phone OS by Microsoft.  The long-awaited replacement to Windows Mobile, a virtual Zombie in the mobile phone market.  As an owner of many Windows Phone devices including the Motorola Q, I faced a lot of disappointment in the pace that Microsoft was moving to this new OS.  The development team at Microsoft is essentially “FRESH”, they simply replaced many of the old Windows Mobile team members with people who had a clue. 

Now as a developer I couldn’t be happier.  Microsoft (I almost said Apple) is providing an amazing set of tools for mobile app development using the same languages that most MS developers already know.  Silverlight seems to be one of the most popular since it will run across multiple platforms including PC and XBox.  I can tell you that MS has had excellent turn around on app approval, we have waited weeks with Apple in the past and so far MS has taken care of our reviews in under 48 hours.  We all know MS isn’t always thinking of us, the small developers and maybe niche user but I think things may be changing for them.  

Honestly, I’m still an Android user on a day-to-day basis mostly because I want better hardware and more storage.  I don’t want to get stuck with an 8gb phone or SD card issues (go Google that).  I found a really great video on YouTube with a full description of the OS, answers to some development questions and of course a run through of a bulk of the new OS.     Please thank @chrispirillo on Twitter, make sure to follow both of us!


Got QR?

BustedAppZ! QR Code
Scan this with your iPhone or Android Phone

We do!  QR codes are becoming more and more popular.  Their typical use is directing traffic to a website.  If you run a website and want people to be able to view it using their mobile devices (mainly iPhone and Android devices), add a QR code to your link and let people scan it.  Most of the current “smart” phones have free (and paid) barcode or QR code scanning apps available for them.  To take advantage of them you must post a QR image, like this!  (It sounds like Windows Phone Series 7)

It’s actually very simple to setup, there are websites out there that have eveything you need to set one up.  It takes less than a minute.  We used Kaywa and their free QR-Code Generator, they allow you to set the code to link to a URL, MMS, Phone Number or Text message.  Give it a shot and let us know how it goes.

Android, iPhone and now Windows Phone 7 – What will you develop for?

As an app development company we will have to make a choice of what (who) to develop apps for.  At some point there has to be a judgement call made, will it be cost effective for us to develop for all 3 platforms?  Here’s just a couple of items we will consider when making these decisions:

Is the UI the same?  Will controlling our app be similar on all 3 platforms? (remember KISS)
Can we use the same graphics files on all systems?
Do all 3 platforms have the same user type? (gamers, day to day, enterprise, kids)
How will the Microsoft team regulate app deployment?
Can the application be profitable? 
Only time will tell, at this time next year will BustedAppZ! be as excited about building for Windows Phone 7 as we are to build for Android today?

Building You A Secure App

We are currently working on a couple of new apps that require us to secure them.  At first thought it didn’t seem like much of a concern because it would be password protected but we really want the user to be reassured.  Keeping secure information in your mobile device is inevitable but is it really secure?

Just like any security if someone wants it bad enough odds are there’s a way to get it whether it is a car stereo or your personal information.  At BustedAppZ! we are committed to fun, simple and safe mobile applications.  Our programmers are highly skilled and our management team is thorough.  You can bet that any app from us can be trusted.  Unlike many other applications that collect your personal information our apps don’t, we earn our money from the sale of advertising or the app itself.

We hope you continue to enjoy our products whether educational, entertaining or a utility!

Cyrket Helps You Find The App You Want

Are you looking for an Android app?  Maybe you want to see what’s available for your Windows Mobile phone? Got a Palm Pre? Want to know if  “there’s an app for that”?  Look no further Cyrket is here to help.

Cyrket is another project by Saurik (follow him on Twitter) and it’s pretty slick.  At BustedAppZ! we like simple and it doesn’t get much more simple than this.  Go to the page and at the top there’s a search window, start typing and see what you get.  Our apps auto-filled within 24 hours of being available for download.

We have tested access to this site using an iPhone and a Nexus One Android device and both worked well.  Fast page loading, few graphics, really it only has what you need.

Here is a link to all our apps available for Android, via Cyrket.

Dropbox give you a simple file sharing tool, FREE!

Dropbox Logo
Click this image to get an extra 250MB of storage.

We have used Dropbox for months!  Dropbox is a totally free service that gives you online storage (up to 5GB for Free) and allows you to share files and folders with your friends.  The main reason we use it would be because of its simplicity.  

Once you download the tiny application and run the install a folder is placed in your “Documents” area.  This allows you to easily copy and paste or drag files in and out of the Dropbox folder.  You can use this to keep files in sync between multiple computers (which I do), share files with friends and family or just use it for remote backup of important files.  Best of all if you want access to these files from a friend’s computer (or public computer) it’s easy.  You simply login to your account at Dropbox online and all your files are there! 

We hope you use Dropbox and thanks for checking out our site.