WP7 OS enhancements I would like to see in the next version

As a Windows Phone 7 User and Developer, I really do like the new  WP7 OS.  It still have some catching up to do. The Apps will come, but I’ve listed a few things I’d like to see in the next OS update. 

  1. Ability to sync and overlay shared Calendars. As of now, I don’t believe this is possible. At least I haven’t seen a way of setting this up on the Phone. If anyone has any tricks, please reply to this post.
  2. Custom Ring Tones.  I personally like to pick actual songs as my ring tones. Having the ability to pick songs /sounds files that are in my Music Hub would ne nice. pet
  3. Another feature missing is the ability to download Podcasts/Videos from Web Sites directly into the Music & Video Hub, so I can play them later when I’m not on WiFi.
  4. Mobile WiFi Hotspot and/or Tethering. This is a must for me.

-Devaron Ruggiero – BustedAppZ! Developer


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