BurpZ! Is Coming People

Yeah, BurpZ! Is Here

“The most disgusting app in my iPhone” says Allison from Chicago.

We worked hard to make people says this.  Hours of burping with our “burp models” and a lot of work got us to this point.  Both the iPhone and Android versions are done as of Monday morning but thanks to Apple you may not see it for a while.

This app took a lot of help from friends and family to make happen and we owe them all!  Thanks guys for helping out and next time you need something (like a cool app) you know where to look!



Android and iPhone work together at BustedAppZ!Right now we are beta testing some applications that are due to be released in the next 2 weeks.  These applications will be available on the iPhone and Android both.  They will prove that we have done a little bit of work to simplify entertainment apps.  Our belief is that clean and simple are the way to go.  Too often people over complicate things by offering too much!  This could sometimes mean too much of a good thing.  Like alcohol, entertainment can be addictive.  Our recommendation, take it in small does, don’t overdo it and for the good of all of us don’t drive if you are under the influence of too much entertainment!

I Guess We Should Consider The iPad

It's going to be hot!We decided today that the already popular Apple iPad is probably here to stay.  It would be a big surprise to us if the iPad isn’t a huge success.  Our goal is to produce fun apps for mobile devices that people enjoy.  There’s a lot of stuff out there for the iPhone already and the Android Market is catching up.

What kind of applications do we make for the iPad? ( keeping in mind that BustedAppZ is an entertainment company)  I think we have the answer to that but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Model Search

This could be you!

Looking for a break in your modeling career?  Get exposure and direct hits to your site by partnering with BustedAppZ!.  We are a successful application development company that builds “apps” for iPhone and Android platforms, and we need photos of girls in bikinis for our newest application.  In exchange for your image release we will provide information about you as part of the app: your name, website, myspace…whatever you prefer.  This app may be used by casting agents, modeling agents and hollywood producers – don’t miss out on your chance to have your picture in their hands.

 Please send bikini shots only, no nudity or pornography of any kind to:


**If we decide to use your image in our app, we will email you a model release and request any information you want published.  No images will be published without written consent.

Dropbox give you a simple file sharing tool, FREE!

Dropbox Logo
Click this image to get an extra 250MB of storage.

We have used Dropbox for months!  Dropbox is a totally free service that gives you online storage (up to 5GB for Free) and allows you to share files and folders with your friends.  The main reason we use it would be because of its simplicity.  

Once you download the tiny application and run the install a folder is placed in your “Documents” area.  This allows you to easily copy and paste or drag files in and out of the Dropbox folder.  You can use this to keep files in sync between multiple computers (which I do), share files with friends and family or just use it for remote backup of important files.  Best of all if you want access to these files from a friend’s computer (or public computer) it’s easy.  You simply login to your account at Dropbox online and all your files are there! 

We hope you use Dropbox and thanks for checking out our site.

BustedAppZ.com Launches!

Our first app, you should see it soon on iPhone and Android!

We are super excited about this new WordPress site!

What can you expect to see here?  For starters some very cool mobile apps.  Visit often, we have many apps under development for iPhone, iPod Touch and all Android phones including the Droid and Nexus One.

Look back next week with the release dates for BurpZ!; the obnoxious burping application, BikiniZ!; our solution to hot girls in the middle of a cold winter, and PeeperZ!; you’ll have to wait to see what this one does (trust me it’s cool).

Thanks for choking us out and we’ll get back to you soon.

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